Wednesday, 15 October 2014

GW 8 Fixtures for all 3 FPL BOTS Girls Teams

So here are the fixtures for all 3 BOTS leagues with the overall scores before this weeks games!


Victorious Secret v The Gentlemen with the overall score at 114 - 99 in favour of Victorious Secret before this set of matches.

So girls,lets get some more points on the board and hopefully increase our lead.


Nutmegging Mermaids v WhatsOffsideHoney with the overall score 67 - 85 in favour of WhatsOffsideHoney. So the girls really need a good week as we cant afford to fall to far behind. Good luck girls.

And so on to the brand new BOTS 3 league which i have a feeling will be highly competitive. There are 2 new teams of girls v boys and this will be the last of the BOTS leagues for this season.It was created due the massive interest in the first 2 leagues and it gives an opportunity for another 16 girls and boys to enjoy which is probably the most exciting leagues in the whole of FPL.

So here are the opening fixtures

Very best of luck to both teamgirls and teamboys and i for one am certainly hoping for a strong start from the girls!

Sorry i was unable to line these up properly,i tried everything but it just would not work. If the girls could maybe follow eachother on twitter,that could be a good idea to try and get some team unity!

Thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx

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