Thursday, 4 June 2015

My FPL Season in brief

This is a brief enough account of my #fpl season playing as team "Reckless Hollie's X1" which was far from reckless and was way too cautious for my liking!

Now i have to say that season 2014/15 has been nothing short of "Frustrating" to say the least! Before it all began,i had high hopes and a target of a finish of around 14500 position as this would have been my 2nd best finish ever having finished 23rd overall in season 2012/13.

It all started disasterously and after GW 1,i was ranked 1.6 million and having picked my original team which included Rooney,Mata,Ramsey,Baines,Terry and Costa! It didn't look too bad at the time but it is so important to get a good start when playing this game and i did not!

GW2 i took a hit and rose from 1.6 to 1.0 mil,yes i was going in the right direction! The next week,the ship was steadied and i stayed in the same position! It was now time for that lovely WC to be played and i did so in GW4!

So from GW 4-9 it was all progression and i went from 1.0 mil position to 12 k overall. A lovely position to be in and now to kick on i thought! I hovered around positions 15-18 k for the next few GW's until the time came around GW14 when i just could not pick the right Captain at all! Nomatter who i picked,he did nothing at all and almost every week,my VC was scoring well!

 12 consecutive weeks in a row with wrong Captain choice was killing me and by GW and my overall dropped to around 30k! Oh what could have been if only i keep telling myself!

I continued my "Captain Curse" what it was now called for a few more GW' s and dropped even more to 52k by GW 30 and i was so disappointed with myself! It worked out that i had picked the right Captain for 2 weeks out of the previous 16 or so which meant 14/16 weeks of no return from my main man and i mean no return!

GW 31-33 saw an overall rise of 22k before a disasterous Double week 34 which seen my team have Schlupp and Moreno in and having got rid of Siggy for Henderson too! I thought i was set up having 7 doubles and with only a -4 hit! I scored 51 points and dropped to 39k overall!

That was it and i said to myself,i need greens now with only 4 GW' s left if i was to achieve my goal! I had reset my goal to now try and finish in the top 1% of 3.5 million players!

GW 35 green to 32k, GW36 green to 29k and GW37 green to 25k were all achieved with 2 from those 3 weeks having -4 hits (back to playing it the way i like to play it).

At this stage i wanted to finish inside the top 20k which was my new aim and i did my best and got a green arrow of 4.5k and unfortunately just finished outside top 20k at a final position of,

20323 overall!

It actually represented a % finish of  0.58% which i am very happy with in all honesty as with 4 games to go,i was outside the top 1% of players!

Roll on next season where i have plans to play it less cautiously and see where it takes me,

thanks for reading,


Missing #fpl already!