Thursday, 18 June 2015

How Times Have Changed

While talking to my mother recently, we got chatting about young kids today! The main topic was about how times have changed so much from when she was a child and also from when i was a child!

When she was young, apart from the fact that if you got a question wrong in school,you would get a bloody good belt of a "leather" on the hand which would sting like crazy,one of the most noticable changes is the world that the children live in today!

In my mother's time and also in mine, we walked to and from school most days with no worries about being assaulted or indeed kidnapped by a paedophile or some sort of psychopath! She told me that even at 5 or 6 years of age, she would walk to her local shop which was a good 15 mins walk away,crossing main roads too in order to buy the latest copy of The Beano or Judy mag which had free transfers of unicorns or something lol! She would also walk to and from school most days and all this was done without a second thought givin by anyone including her parents! It was safe and the done thing!

Even when i was a little girl, i walked to school sometimes but not always as times had most certainly changed around this time! This would have been the mid 90's by now!

Why had it changed! Well what had happened at this time was the fact that the "Internet" as we know it was there! Easy accessibility to porn sites and porn related weird sites were there! The original playstation was introduced to us in the mid 90's and over time,the games being made and available to buy became more violent!

The Effect--- Society has changed dramatically! Our children of today can no longer walk to school or to the shops on their own! They can no longer go "out to play" with their pals as past generations could do!

The children of today are being brought up differently,are missing out on so much fun! Generally spending way too much time indoors,which is no fault of the parents of today,it's just the way it is! If a young girl of today wants to walk around the corner to her friends house,she cant do so without the fear of something terrible happening to her!

My parents brought me up with more restrictions and so called less freedom than they were brought up with! If i had a child, they would be brought up with so many restrictions in place that i would find it hard to let them out of my site! So what is ahead for the next generation, i cannot even begin to imagine what life will be like for their children!

And the ones who are suffering and missing out the most are the children! They will never know what it is like to go out and "call for" their friends to play football in the field for example! The adults who were the children of the last generation have been brought up with internet and video games and their children will be the same but with alot more time spent at home rather that out playing! And as for the next generation,it frightens me!

While we all try to make things better,the simple fact is that over time,things have got worse! Kids dont have as many friends as they used to in past times,spend less time outside of the house and spend more time on social media! Even kids as young as 7 or 8 now all have mobile phones for God,s sake!

Back in my parents time, children spent all day outside playing and the parents had no worries or concerns about that! My time was similar but we had alot more done for us and probably demanded more for example, we would prefere not to have to walk home from school!

Nowadays, the children dont have that choice and it is so sad how times have changed,

thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx


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    1. Thank you so much Birthday Girl! Hope you are having the best day ever xx

  2. Completely agree with this! It's sad how times have changed!

    Great post :)

    Emma |

    1. Thank you Emma! It really is so sad xx

  3. What an amazing post and so well written! It definitely brought back memories of my childhood and the endless conversations I had with my mom about hers. Times have changed and so did children. I grew up in Russia, moved to US with my parents when I was 16. Oh boy, what a big difference it was. Adjusting wasn't easy. School rules were different. Kids were different. Making new friends was the hardest. I'm scared for my kid's future, I'm scared for the future of their kids (when they'll become parents). All I can do is teach them about the world today, how to be the best and things that they can do as individuals to establish a bright future for themselves and their family (in the future). Involved in your child's life and constantly talking to them to me is the key to parenthood. It's very hard, but it'll be worth it in the end!

    1. thanks so much Alina for your amazing comment and your kind words xx