Saturday, 20 June 2015

FAO #fpl Girls for 2015/16 FplBattleoftheSexes Leagues

Just a quick post for the girls who are already involved on TeamGirls and also for any potential new recruits of which we do need a few!

To explain where we are at the moment, after last seasons rather experimental one from which we have learned so much,we have now decided to take it up a notch in terms of excitement and introduce 3 leagues which will have promotion and relegation!

These leagues will be The Premier league which will consist of the top 20 highest overall ranking guys and girls from last season! The Championship will have the next highest ranking top 25 from both the guys and girls and League 1 will be a Classic league which will be played out on the official FPL site! The Premier and Championship will be both H2H leagues played out as last year with generated weekly fixtures in which every girl will play a different guy each week for 3 points!

To explain League 1 briefly and how it will work! As you already know,the Premier and Championship has the top 45 ranking guys and girls so League 1 will consist of everyone who finished outside these rankings and also every new person that joins Bots! It will be played out as a Classic league but after 10 games (game numbers tbc), the top 3 guys and the top 3 girls based on their overall fpl points will be promoted to the Championship and can then enter the world of H2H games playing v a member of the opposite sex every week for 3 team points! As Bots will only have 2 leagues,we feel this is the best way to do it so everyone who joins League 1 will have to fight to gain promotion to the exciting fixture generated H2H Championship!

Obviously where promotion comes into place, relegation must also! The bottom 3 guys and girls from the Championship will drop down to League 1 and will have to battle to get back! This could be difficult as overall points are the most important thing in League 1 so if you are relagated,it will be extremely difficult to come back!

The same promotion/relegation will take place from Premier/Championship throughout the season!

So to sum up, Bots will have 2 H2H leagues and 1 Classic league next season! The Classic league will remain open to new players throughout the season but the exciting thing about this year is that everyone will have to fight for their place in this rather unique competition! And also there more than likely will be a knockout Cup competition in which all Bots guys and girls will be entered and live draws will take place on twitter! #exciting.

I hope that all the original Bots Girls will join again but we also need some new girls too so if you are interested,please contact myself or Walt @FPLWalt and please have a look

you can also follow @BOTSrebooted on twitter, and also the same applies to any new guys interested in pitting your wits against the FPL girls,

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  1. Amazing post dear!

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    1. i cant get a proper translation honey but thank you xx

  3. interesting post! will definitely check that link :)

    1. thanks Michelle! It is great fun especially when we beat the guys lol x

  4. This sounds really exciting! I'll be sure to check out the link and have a look <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. thats great Sophie! It is great fun x