Thursday, 23 July 2015

Is It Worth Holding Your #FPL Wildcard?

These are my thoughts on holding onto your FPL Wildcard or using it early and i am sure we will all different views on this but these are mine!

In previous years,i would be thinking "dont play that wildcard early" but not this year!

I think the more experienced manager would have suggested that you to hold on as long as possible and play it as late as possible in previous years which i would have agreed with but with the new changes made to the times in which the wildcards must be played,it is now my view that that the 1st one is not as valuable as it was in previous years! The first one must be played between GW2 and GW19 if i am correct and the second one now between GW20 and GW38!

Previously we all had a wildcard to play between GW20 and GW24 and it must have been played then! Experienced managers would more than likely have held their 1st WC to play nearer the end of the season to capitalise on Double GW's! But now we all have one available from GW20 and the aim here has got to be to hold this one for Double GW's as well as the "Bench Boost" and possibly "Triple Captain" chips!

So with this in mind,your 1st WC is there to be played before GW20 so is it worth holding on until december to play it! I personally dont think so and my plan is to play it after GW4 during the International break!

After GW4 we will all know so much more about whos who etc,who has settled in at their new clubs,is Depay all that he is being made out to be,will Ayew take the Premier by storm like i think he will and are there any particular budget defenders worth getting! We will all know all this by now and it will be the perfect time to use your first Wildcard in my opinion especially if you have had a bad start!

So in setting up my initial team,i am not concerned about having no City coverage,having no Chelsea defenders,probably not having a backup keeper,probably having a cheap bench warmer as my 5th midfielder,possibly having a 4.0 defender sitting on my bench till GW5,not having Aguero or Sanchez in my team from the start etc! Afterall, we can make 3 FT's between GW2 and GW4 anyway!

So when i look at alot of teams posted on twitter,it seems to me that certain teams are set up with a long term view for example Aguero and Sanchez are in 18% and 11.7% of teams respectively! Ivanovic in 30% of which i personally dont like his first 3 fixtures but i do plan on having him at GW4 or Wildcard! And also alot of teams seem to be created from the heart from what i can see too!

I guess what i am saying is the 1st Wildcard is there and in my opinion is not as valuable as previous seasons so rather than setting up your initial team on "Names and Clubs" which might look great on paper,set it up for "Fixtures" with a view to playing that Wildcard early if you need to!

First 3 GW's,the following teams have 2/3 home games which increases the chances of clean sheets for example, Arsenal,Man United,Crystal Palace,Leicester,Norwich,Sunderland,West Ham and Watford! When you look at first 3 fixtures for Man City for example, A West Brom, H Chelsea, A Everton,all difficult games yes,it makes me think do i really want David Silva selected by 14.2% at 10mil in my starting team? Or Vincent Kompany at 6mil is in nearly 12% of teams!

Some players that stand out for me early days are Rooney,Depay,a United defender that will start,Walcott,Cazorla,Cech,Cresswell,Payet,Redmond at Norwich possibly and i do like Benteke tbh too! Also i plan to start with Hazard from GW1!

So for me as i stated in a previous #fpl post,i am concentrating on GW1-3 only when setting out my initial team. My team might look pretty awful on paper but i can only hope that it might just produce some early points and then come GW5 i will have played my Wildcard!

And also if anyone becomes an #fpl must have early games,i will just buy him with my FT's before i use my wildcard!

Hope this all makes sense and i now have fingerscrossed that i can get off to a reasonable start,all i need to do now is get the right initial squad together to get me through the first few games only but i do realise that FPL can be a cruel mistress at times,

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  1. These are good arguments in favour of using the first one early. Most often, I have done this in the past and it has come back to haunt me. I'm undecided as to how I will proceed this year, but very likely, I will use it before GW9.


    1. thanks Kat! It can be so difficult to get it right!

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