Saturday, 14 February 2015

My 1st Valentine's Day as a Married Woman

Well seeing as it's Valentine's Day today,i thought i would share my first experience of this day as a married woman! It was 2008 and i was married roughly 7 months!

Thinking back,i remember having to nearly force my husband to actually do something special on what is a special day! I just automatically thought that he would have had a table booked in a nice restaurant as afterall it was our first one together since getting married but no he did not!

On the morning i remember getting a lovely cuddly bear with the love heart,a box of chocolates and a lovely bunch of flowers! Yes i felt special and was very happy with my lovely gifts! I asked him what he had planned for the evening and he just looked at me as if i had 2 heads so to speak!

I asked him if we were going out for dinner and he said there is no way we would get a table as everywhere was booked out! I asked him if he had actually tried to get one and he said no and he also said that if i can manage to get a table somewhere,he would gladly take me out for a meal (how romantic of him)!

Now i worked in a nightclub/bar/restaurant at the time so i had actually met a few people who work in and run restaurants so i decided to call in a favour with someone who on many occassions i had arranged a late drink for! A table for 2 was no problem at all after i made the call!

I went and told my husband that i had booked the table and he seemed quite put out by it tbh but did say ok,lets go out and have a nice evening! He also suggested that we should ask my friend Lisa and her new BF (another new one whom she had just met apparently) and make it a table for 4!

I was excited about this so i phoned Lisa and made the arrangements! Sure it was a night out with one of my best friends and my husband so it was something to really look forward to!

I had already bought a new dress during the week so i already had my outfit all sorted! We had the table booked for 8.30 and we arrived right on time and to my surprise,the guy who had arranged the table for me had a lovely bottle of complementary champagne on our table and 2 red roses for us girls! It was such a lovely gesture!

The evening went well but i did feel like there was a bit of a strain on it somewhere but i just couldn't put my finger on it! Lisa's new guy was rather quiet but he did seem like a nice guy, Lisa didn't really seem herself and gave an impression of being a wee bit uncomfortable and my hubby seemed in alright form but it was not great. I put this down to the fact that i had arranged the night out and perhaps he felt guilty about the fact that he was not behind it! I however was enjoying myself and felt good about myself in my new dress and the special treatment that we were getting from a friend of mine who had organised our table in the first place!

I now know why the atmosphere was strained that night as it was around the time that my husband was starting an affair with one of my best friends! I cant be 100% sure if it had already started by then but thinking about it,it is very possible! There was certainly an air of guilt in the atmosphere that evening but i just wonder why he suggested asking Lisa to join us! Is it because it gave him an opportunity to spend Valentine's night with her too and "got off" on this idea of having dinner with 2 women that he was sleeping with on this special night or was it that he just did not want to spend the evening with only me! Mmmm i wonder what Valentine's gifts She got that year!

Now tonight,myself and my BF were due to go out for a meal but as i am off work ill,we will just have to spend it at home with a movie and a few bottles of wine! I dont mind this one little bit and am so looking forward to it!

I hope that whoever is reading this has a very special weekend and thank you for taking the time,

Hollie xxx


  1. I don't care about Valentines Day, but your story sounds sad nonetheless. Glad you have found someone special and caring!

    1. thanks for your comment Linda Libra Loca,things worked out well in the end! x

  2. Wow that is such a sad Valentine's story!! What a total douche. Well hopefully the memory of this bad one will make all the future ones seem even better in comparison! Live and learn, right?


    1. thanks Tania! Things are great now and i had a lovely valentines just gone with my lovely BF! We stayed in and had a wonderful night xx