Monday, 9 February 2015

A Comment that has stayed with me for years

A few years ago i was in the local pub when a guy that i had not seen in years came over to me and was chatting away for most of the night! I had met him on many occassions over the years as i did work in a nightclub that he used to visit quite regularly!

He knew i had been married and that things had not worked out and i was now going through the divorce! But for some reason,everytime i had spoken to him,i always was in a good mood! He just always used to catch me at the right time where my mood was concerned!

So his quote that has stayed in my mind and annoys me so much to this day is,

"nothing seems to bother you Hollie,you have not got a care in the world and you just sail through life with no worries at all"

You have no idea how much this has bothered me for years now and almost a day does not pass that i dont think about what he said! I know you are probably thinking that what he said was nothing bad,which it wasn't but it just plays on my mind,endlessly!

This guy does not know what goes on in my head and for him to say that and actually believe it to be true really upsets me and for him to make that judgement about me when he doesn't know me that well to be able to have that opinion,well let's just say my blood is boiling even writing this! Please dont think i am being silly but i just cant get it out of my head what he said!

I have my problems like everyone else does and this guy thinks that nothing bothers me and i sail through life with no worries,i just wish it was true and i really wish i had never heard this comment! I guess nobody knows what goes on inside the head of another person and i for one would not have the courage to write about what goes on inside mine.

Maybe it's my own fault as sometimes i might come across that way to people but you have no idea how much this relatively harmless comment has played on my mind for so long,

Hollie xxx


  1. darling, I've learned not to listen to what they tell people, it only matters what we say and we think.
    have a nice day honey!!

    1. thank you so much lovely ManueLita! If only i can not let this comment bother me,all would be alot better! xx

  2. your not being silly I think its great that you have that persona that you do not have a care in the world even thought your life might be a mess. I call it having control over your emotions.

    1. that's a nice way of putting it Delores! Thanks,i will have to think about this one! xx

  3. That would bother me too. I don't know why people think they know us just because we talked a few times.
    I only share my sorrows with my closest friends, so no one else can judge

  4. Exactly Linda Libra Loca, they have no right to make these judgements thinking that know everything about me! Thanks honey! xx

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    1. aw thank you lovely,i appreciate that honey! xx