Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Battle of The Sexes League 5 Update of how the girls done!

Ok just to put you all in the picture,it looks highly likely that Bots 1-4 will be cancelled and 2 new Bots leagues created but as Bots 5 is relatively new, i have decided to continue it on as all the fixtures from now until the end of the season are already on the website

Now prior to GW 22 the overall score was,

The Girls 183-215 The Boys and here were the fixtures

I must also point out that with the above fixture set up,i am unable to print actual scores so if you want to see your score and that of your opponent,please log into your Fpl account and check out the scores in the Bots 5 league!

Of the above games,i am delighted to say that the Girls won the gameweek by 45-36 thus making the overall score now,

The Girls 228-251 The Boys

There were wins for the girls by Kate, Holly Shand, Fenia, Bec, Joanne, Charlene, Mandy, Simar, Rumaana, Shish, Pamela, Lucia, Clodagh, Marche and myself giving us the 45 points!

For the record,the guys points came from wins by Waithe's Fort, The Scylla, Aliyybags FC, It's a tring thing, Beepy's Redemption, Azzak, Usual Suspects, Celtic Forrest, Wildcoast Warriors, ManchesterUtdPak, Dzeko my little Bony and Bambali Bhediyas giving the guys the 36 points!

Well done girls! We can go on and win the overall! #Teamgirls 

The GW 23 fixtures are as follows,

Just a few stats to mention for some of the girls,

Clodagh remains unbeaten with 5 wins and 1 draw from 6 games,
Pamela has won 5 from 6 games,
Dawn has won 5 from 6 games,
Shish has won 5 from 6 games

These are indeed,the inform girls,

Thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx