Tuesday, 27 January 2015

FPL Wildcard Dilemma's

Apart from my BOTS posts,this is actually my first #fpl post and i decided to do this post after looking at alot of WC teams and seeing the SAME team time and time again! Is this taking the fun out of the game this year? I myself think it certainly makes the game less interesting with soooo many teams the same!

So why not try and mix it up a wee bit as if it works,it will shoot you up that table rather quickly but unfortunately if it doesn't,you just might find yourself in a much worse position than you are now!

So as we speak,my team lines up as follows,


Bench Wisdom,Taylor,Sigurdsson,Mannone

I have my WC to play but am holding out until after GW23 to play it! I do have 1 FT and i will use this to replace Gylfi (who i love) with probably Henderson for 1 week only!

This team has 1220 points and sits in 31803 position at the moment!

So when WC comes around,to give myself a chance,i will try to include some players that i hope will come good and be some sort of a differential!

The real problem is that there is only a small pool of players that are worth concidering for your team in my opinion!

I havn't as yet decided on my transfers in for my WC but i would like to concider the likes of Tadic who i believe will be a great addition to my team!

Other thoughts going through my mind are,is Sanchez as appealing as he was now that he is not on penalties and is very expensive! Since his 2 gw's in a row,late oct,early nov, that he scored 16 points in each,and when everyone jumped on the bandwagon (except silly old me) he has scored double figures twice with a 10 and a 19 point haul! He has done nothing or practically nothing in 7/12 games. He has scored 74 points in those 12 games but the likes of Cazorla priced at 8.3 has scored 72 points in last 12.Bandwagon seems to be with Cazorla who now being on penalties,seems quite appealing,but you all know that already. My point is do you keep Sanchez who is sitting in around 45% of teams. With so many flair players at Arsenal and most now available for selection,i can see the points being a bit more evenly distributed among the players.

In defence,i am going to keep Baines.I know he is in 18% of teams but has had 16k transfers out this GW alone and i suspect he may be in quite alot of goastships tbh and i dont see him mentioned or indeed in alot of WC teams!

So if i was to do my WC now,with just a slight bit of tweeking,my team could be,


It looks quite a balanced team to me but the problem is the forwards are showing up in way too many wc teams so i will give it some more thought before playing it!

Is it a team that will be the same as so many out there,will Liverpool be brimming with confidence by wc time (edit -maybe not after tonight)and maybe Sterling or Coutinho are worth concidering! Oscar could be worth looking at but to sacrifice Hazard might just be too much!Should i try and squeeze Eriksen in,will i keep Sanchez and Henderson is still there #decisions decisions!

Or how would this look which i could do too,



or if Baines was to go, i could have a defence of Bertrand,Koscielny,Van Aanholt along with same mid and forwards!

But thinking about it,i really dont want Sterling,would prefere Baines and Terry (Aspilicueta) in my defence,i want to keep Hazard and i like my 3 forwards! Next week should be fun and i will try and mix it up abit too and find a couple of differentials that just might work out,

Hollie x

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