Monday, 5 January 2015

People Gathering Accounts

I must stress that this post is only in my opinion!
Now this is one thing that is bugging me since joining twitter in July. And basically what it is is these twitter accounts that build up a massive following by sometimes following the maximum amount allowed per day. What happens next is that generally alot of people will follow back,like i do in most cases and then within a day or 2 or more,they then unfollow you. This really annoys me as they have not unfollowed me for my tweets or for being annoying to them,they have unfollowed me as their only purpose in my opinion was to get the original follow from me in the first place.

I have started to monitor this on my account from 18th November until today the 5th January 2015 and while i do understand that accounts genuinly will unfollow me because they may not like my tweet mix of fantasy football and fashion,i do however believe that these accounts are only interested in increasing their own followers while keeping their following ratio much lower! And as you will see,this post was started on 18th Nov as the post was updated at the time of follows and unfollows!

Now what i want to do is highlight some of these accounts that have recently followed and unfollowed so today being Tuesday 18th November, i will list account follows from these type of accounts and then show you when i was unfollowed. It can take anytime from a day to a week or more!

Here are copies of 2 of my most recent tweets regarding this subject,

 ·  Nov 17
got followed by an account called footy_banter_uk,followed back,they have 2.5k followers now,then they unfollowed me,

**I have been followed again by this account on Dec4th** It now has 3.6k followers and follows 1.4k,this should be interesting to see when i get unfollowed again.I only followed them as part of this blog post! On the 27th Dec i got unfollowed by this account,again!

oh and heres another account with 25k followers who follows and unfollows SanctuarySpaHolidays ,people gatherers,

And here is a real peach who has 62.2k followers and follows 7k. Friday 21nd Nov i got followed,i followed back and Sat 22nd, you guessed it,this people gatherer unfollowed me! So Frank,it is with great pleasure that i now unfollow you and please dont annoy me again!
*** Update on the above account follows/followers on 5th January is 6663/66.7k ,wow he has done so well!***
And here is a real gem who follows and practically unfollows very soon after you follow him back!

Chris Mac

 166k followers and 12.8 following, favour returned Chris 5/12/14 !Why did you follow me in the 1st place if you were just going to unfollow?

And earlier today the 9th Dec,i got followed by Success Appointements  and i followed back,3 hours later i have been unfollowed. This account has 1900 followers and follows 900! 

Another account which to me is another people gathering account is fashionglammy ! It has 5666 followers and follows 1367, this account followed me and within a few days,unfollowed! It also followed 764 people on 12th December,a prime example of an account looking to gather people! 

Oh and on the 16th, i am followed by this beauty who has 18k followers and follows 669 including little old me now. I am so honoured,now i await the inevitable lol!

carlos c caƱadas

  And on Christmas day i was subsequently unfollowed by this people gatherer,it must be so much fun to have all these followers,i hope he is proud of his achievement lol! And of course i have unfollowed! Oh Carlos, Christmas day of all days,now that's just not nice even if my tweets were not of interest to you lol!
On the 16th, i was followed by 

Perfect Tweets

and on the 17th,i was unfollowed! This account has 28.5k followers and follows 21.9, abot of a differential here dont you think! 

It's now the 18th dec and i have just been followed by the below account who has 9468 followers and follows 776! I wonder why she has followed me, anyway the account is 

Mariluz AV Protected Tweets

follows you

This could be an interesting one! 
The 22nd and as expected,i have been unfollowed by this people gatherer! She now has 9550 followers and follows 353 
***update on the 5th Jan now has 9568 followers and follows 189 lucky people!***

So there you have it,these accounts in my opinion are here to gain as many follows as possible and to keep their following down to a minimum! Good luck to them all in their quest to impress whoever they are trying to impress. This whole experience has made me more weary of who i follow back and i no longer automatically follow back anyone who follows me!

Hope you enjoyed my post and i was wondering if anyone has had similar with these accounts,please leave a comment,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx



  1. I know what you are talking about, this is one of the reasons I don't do Follow for Follow. I follow the people I like to chat to (for whatever reason) and don't care whether they follow me back or not. And I don't "return the favor" if anyone follows me, be it on Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or Bloglovin. If someone wants to read my tweets, great. I of course check out their content, too. But I don't feel obliged to follow them just because they do follow me.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. well said young lady!I dont do follow anyone who follows me anymore! But i just cannot understand who they are trying to impress apart from maybe their own egos!

  2. That is CRAZY!! The amount of time and effort you put into this is incredible, and so worth it! You name and shamed but only because you had to. You pointed out those who weren't worthy of being followed because they're not loyal back. Twitter can be so annoying this way and fair play to you for tackling the issue! <3

  3. thanks so much hun for your comment! It really means alot to me! It was annoying me so much that i thought i would spend some time on it x