Thursday, 15 January 2015

FAO all the GIRLS in "Battle of The Sexes" Leagues #fpl Important Update

This is a very important update regarding the situation with our 5 Bots leagues and is aimed at the fpl girls. While we have around 80 girls involved in this awesome game playing against 80 guys each week,we now feel that we have to go in a different direction with the whole concept!

The changes that will take place are due to the following facts which have influenced our decision and have been already backed up by many fpl managers for the good of the competition!

1-The website which is updated weekly with fixtures and results has recieved very few hits which suggests that only a handful of Bots players are checking it to see who they are playing and how they got on!

2-There is very little banter at all on twitter between the girls and the boys which is something that we had hoped would be a pivotal part of the whole concept!

3-Some fpl managers both guys and girls have not bothered to check their teams and for example still had Dzeko as captain while he was injured for weeks and made no FT's. This has a negative effect on the whole thing as when you check your opponents team and see this,it takes all the fun and competitiveness out of it and people then begin to lose interest quickly!

4-From my perspective,i am very competitive and want the girls to win the overall competition but if we all dont pull together as a team and keep the interest going,this is not going to happen!

I would also like to say that i am so proud of all the girls that have taken part in Bots as for one thing,we have shown that girls can be awesome Fpl managers in a competition that is generally dominated by the guys and by playing in the Bots leagues,i believe we have gained the respect as female managers that we all so rightly deserve!

Also i have to mention that the girls are losing all 5 Bots leagues and in some leagues,it would have been almost impossible to go on and win the overall so we would in theory just be playing out the rest of the season! The guys like and need a challenge and there is no better challenge that a guy can get than a game against a girl! Sure they can play against other guys etc in one of their other private leagues but when faced against a girl who plays #fpl and is damn good,they try and rise to the occassion (mmmm).We have proved that we are indeed damn good at this!

Now i will move onto the proposed changes to Bots which all going to plan will commence in gw 23 and continue weekly until the end of the season!

Firstly all 5 Bots leagues will be cancelled in respect of that their will no longer be fixtures and results generated from our side,however the actual Fpl leagues will still play out as is so each week you will still have a game but it will be against another opponent in the league rather than a guaranteed girl v guy match each week,so these leagues are still there to be won!

*****What we are now looking at is forming 2 new leagues of how many a side has not yet been decided but these leagues are only open to players who will be committed to the team,will regularly check the website for fixtures and results and who will if possible try and participate in some form of twitter banter possibly using the hashtag #fplbots.*****

So if you feel that you would like to be part of a girls team that can go on and WIN the new Bots leagues,please DM me expressing your interest!

If i dont hear from you,i would like to thank you for being part of the Bots girls teams and as i said earlier,i am so proud of you all! I think you are all amazing and i have made some really lovely new friends through Bots.There will however more than likely that is,still be another cup competition in which you all will be involved!

Thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx


  1. You are definitely not doing that without me:) and also, I liked the website, but totally understand the cost/benefit.

    1. thanks KirLir! Very happy you are with us! xx