Thursday, 5 March 2015

Beware the Hollie Captain Curse #FPL

Ok so,i have decided to write a post about my unbelievable run of awful Captain choices of late #fpl! So i can now give you the heads up so to speak for future gameweeks in regard to avoiding my Captain picks and rising up the rankings of FPL by doing so! I have seen previous curses #fpl which affected Gemma @gemmabaggies and Pathetico Morbid FPL @patheticomorbid so i must have a chat with these 2 to see how they got the curse removed!

It all started at GW 14 so here is an account of my Captain/VC scores from then till now! Enjoy lol!

GW14----Bony 5 pts 1 assist, VC Aguero 16 pts 2 goals,1 assist and 3 Bp's!
GW15----Aguero 1 pt (played 6 mins), VC Costa 1 pt!
GW16----Costa 5 pts 1 goal, VC Hazard 14 pts 1 goal,1 assist and 3 Bp's!
GW17----Costa 2 pts, VC Hazard 7 pts, 1 assist and 1 Bp!
GW18----Bony 2 pts, VC Costa 11 pts, 1 goal,1 assist and 2 Bp's!
GW19----Austin 2 pts, VC Silva 6 pts, 1 goal!
GW20----Silva 2 pts, VC Costa 6 pts, 1 goal!
GW21----Hazard 3 pts, VC Costa 6 pts, 1 goal!
GW22----Aguero 1 pt, VC Kane 2 pts!
GW23----Pelle 2 pts, VC Cazorla 17 pts, 1 goal,2 assists and 3 Bp's!
GW24----Aguero 5 pts 1 assist, VC Silva 2 pts!
GW25----Hazard 3 pts, VC Aguero 11 pts, 2 goals and 2 Bp's!
GW26----Kane 4 pts 1 goal 1 missed penalty, VC Aguero 9 pts, 1 goal,1 assist and 1 Bp!
GW27----Aguero 5 pts, 1 assist, VS Di Maria 1 pt!
GW28----Kane 2 pts, VC Austin 6 pts, 1 goal (so far).

I dont count GW27 as breaking the curse!

So as you can see above, my captain choices have accumulated the following in 15 gameweeks,

2 Goals, 3 assists and 0 Bonus points and while also managing to miss a penalty!

My VC's however have accumulated the following,

12 Goals, 7 assists and 15 Bp's!

Points gained from my captain 44 points against points that could have been if i had chosen vc 115 and of course doubled up is

Oh if only as it has been very detrimental to my overall ranking which is currently 29950.

So please Beware of who i choose to captain in my side because until this curse is broken,you are all in trouble because even the most inform player with the most favourable fixture is not immune to the Hollie Captain Curse!



  1. woW ...
    jusy imagine , if all of ur captains had never played ....

    u might have been in top 500 by now ;)

    1. ha ha,absolutely! It's such a shame! Thanks for commenting!

  2. I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award