Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Male Contraceptive Pill

First of all i have to say that this post does not affect me in any way and it is just a few general thoughts on the subject!

So i believe it is getting nearer to the release of the male contraceptive pill and i am wondering if indeed we could trust our partner to take it!

Guys in general seem to have a more lackadaisicle approach to anything where health and medication are concerned in my opinion and i could imagine the scenario,

"did you take the pill"
"yes i did honey"
"ok lets make love"
"oh yeaaaa,lets have sex"

Most guys would not turn down the chance of a of an aul roll in the hay and for this reason,i personally would not trust them at all and would always feel doubtful! At least from my side,if i am on the pill,i will take it assuming that is what i want to do!

Some of many question's would be would a guy be willing to take a pill that brings his sperm count down to zero? And with the possibility of it being permanent in certain cases and God only knows what other side effects it might have too and also would the girl trust that he has taken it? And would you actually put your man on the pill?

It is very high risk all round i think and in some cases will it solve the scenario of somebody having to say "she trapped me by getting pregnant"!

Do we need it at all,the pill for women is enough as well as many other forms of contraceptives or is it fair to have it available to men and to give them the opportunity to go on the pill! If the guy doesn't want children and the girl does,he can just go on the pill without saying anything to his partner and continue being unlucky in their quest for kids! Also this option is currently available to the woman should she decide to be deceitful in the relationship!

My opinion is that in general i would not trust the guy to take it but that would depend on who he is,how well you know him etc (if you just met him in a nightclub,would you believe he is on the pill),and i also think that the majority of guys themselves will be very weary of it when it is available on the market! I think it will be controversial all round tbh but i like the thought of the fact that it will allow a more equal sharing of responsibility for contraception and in this world of equality being important,why not!

If there are any guys reading this,would you go on the pill?

thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx


  1. Hollie - Interesting article, while I agree with a lot of what you are saying, I also think that many guys would be more conscious of taking it if they knew the onus was on them to ensure that no bambinos were the result of their 10 minutes of fun (5 if we are being realistic). My point is that if you put the pressure on them to do it, perhaps they would take it more seriously, or at least most would. Perhaps the onus should be on both the male and the female to make it a mutual burden - the man and woman take the pill cutting the chances still further that the woman will get pregnant.

    I know that if I was on the male pill I would not tell a porky to my girlfriend just to get her into the sack. God knows I don't want kids at the moment!

    I suppose we need to see the health implications for the male pill. Indeed, I know that there are some diabolical heath implications for the female pill too! Clearly, it should not impact the long term health for either party male or female. I suppose there are two options after this. Either we all go celibate ...but where is the fun in that!... or we use condoms regardless of the fact it 'detracts' from the males 'fun' - with a long term view to taking pills if and when they do not impact our health.

    It is difficult, but really the onus is on both and should and always will be on both. Unfortunately, it is not always considered that way. Ce la vie.

    1. Nicholas! Thank you so much for your excellent reply! I really appreciate you taking the time to reply and it is great to get a guy's view of things!

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  3. I didn't know about this but its interesting. I think its good, I mean it gives men extra options and it may decrease the use of condoms so that it pollutes the world less, other than a pill cannot protect again sti's xx


  4. oh good point Leanne! Interesting times ahead i think xx