Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My Bloglovin is "All Over The Place"

I am writing this post as it seems my bloglovin account is "all over the place". I just logged in there and it says i have 1833 new posts that i havn't read!

Also i am following a massive 760 accounts and am being followed by 227 although the figure following me is 240! Now dont get me wrong,i dont expect to be followed back by anyone once i follow a blog but i myself do follow back as i feel it is supporting the blogging community and there is nothing better than getting a new blog follower but this leads me on to another problem that i have noticed recently and i will explain later!

Now the fact that i am following 760 accounts cant be right as a few weeks ago when i was infact following 600+ accounts,i decided to go through every account that i was following! There were so many that had no name on the account and indeed had an option to "claim the blog" and i am almost 100% sure that i did not follow in the first place! There was one guy that i did follow as in i followed his blog and it turned out that when i checked,i was actually following something near to 40 blogs created by this guy and each of these blogs were blogs that i would have absolutely no interest in following and some looked suspicious to me and looked to me like they might contain a virus or something similar! I unfollowed all of these and also the unclaimed blogs too!

Now this brought the amount of blogs that i follow to around 500 which was only a few weeks ago and since then i have followed maybe 30 or so blogs so here i am now following 760! This just does not add up so now i am back at square 1 again with having to check through all the blogs i follow and see what has happened! I do understand that when i follow a blog,in most cases it automatically follows the person too!

Now also what i have noticed recently is i am getting a few notifications by email that i have new followers on bloglovin and when i go to check out their blog,i then notice that they are not following me at all or have unfollowed me! Are they just looking for followers and follow loads of people who then get notified of new followers and some follow back not knowing that they have infact unfollowed you! I dont like this at all!

As i said earlier,i always follow back on bloglovin as i like to support a blog and the person behind it who was kind enough to follow me and support me and my little blog but there is something just wrong with these numbers!

Now to go and try and figure it all out! This is so frustrating!

Does anyone else have similar problems with bloglovin?

Thanks for reading,

Hollie x


  1. I have the same problem also! Numbers vary it goes up and down but without seeing any physical change as to why. Which is strange?

    For me, every time i have a new follower, my total does not change which i find rather odd, so i do understand everything you have said above.

    Glad its not just me! Thanks for sharing

    Im already following you xx

    1. and here is another strange thing! It does not show that you are following me at all lol! I just followed you anyway honey! xx

  2. Hi Yasmin! That is strange with your total not changing with a new follower! It can get so frustrating at times! Thanks for your comment honey xx

  3. Gorgeous Hollie! I've nominated you for a Liebster Award because your blog is so personal and fantastic! Check out the post for the questions AnnieRosesDiary xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Annie! I have however done the liebster award before but i will do it again! Thanks again honey xx