Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Unfollowing To Look Important

Hi guys and Girls!

Today's post is brought on by what i have seen happening alot lately with certain twitter accounts and i have had first had experience of it of late.

This post is not aimed at the "People Gathering" accounts that exist purely to gain followers and then after following back,they unfollow you shortly after having built up their followers making their account look special in some way which is so annoying in itself but this post is aimed at accounts that build up their followers while also following you back but keep following you until oneday they decide and think that they are bigger than they really are and decide to unfollow hundreds to make it look like they are important in some way.I believe this is their sole reason for doing this as they have had interaction with the majority of the people that have unfollowed.This was not their original idea to actually do this when they started out first though.

So an example of this is as follows,
a new account is set up and interacts with a certain community be it the blogging community or fpl community which are both massive communities.They interact alot and thus gain followers through this interaction but in the mean time following accounts and following back the majority of their followers.

After settling into the community and being accepted into it and supported in many ways including being promoted by some of the members,they all of a sudden have over 1000 followers while following back 800 or so accounts.This is fair enough as it is not a case of following everyone back,only the accounts that the individual themselves want to follow back.

So at this stage and having formed a connection with some of the bigger community accounts,the individual decides that they are bigger and more important within the community so to reflect this thought,they unfollow hundreds of people including alot who helped promote them along the way to gain followers in the first place.

It now looks like for example , account name, following 70,followers 1400.

I understand people unfollowing me and i have recently wrote a post wondering why anyone follows me in the first place but for the hundreds of others,all within the same community,this to me is rather strange.Why do it! If they just unfollowed me,so be it and that's the way it goes but surely they cannot possibly not like 100's of other accounts too and including alot who i myself follow and are really nice people.

So am i right in thinking that this account wants to make it look like they are important in some way and in their own mind actually believing it?

I for one will never again have any interaction with this person on twitter or indeed any other form of social media and that is fine with me but honestly some people really need to stop being absorbed in their own self importance,

thanks for reading,


ps-this is my personal view of things and i will never name names in this case!


  1. Great post, I know exactly what you mean it's so annoying when this happens, it's happened quite a few times but I'm getting quite good at spotting them accounts now!

    From Megan x

    1. thanks for your comment Megan,i am getting a little better at spotting them myself lol x

  2. Fantastic post. As you mentioned i'm not too bothered about those who follow and unfollow straight away, it's more upsetting when people you interact with suddenly unfollow due to their growing audience and they start to believe their hype.

    1. absolutely Kelly,it is as if they become completely different people and i for one have no time for this sort of thing,thanks for commenting hunni xx

  3. I've noticed very similar things happening on instagram. I guess it's a "thing" to look like you have tons of followers while you only follow a few people. Gotta remember who helped you build that audience, right?