Monday, 23 May 2016

My 2nd Month on Sertraline-Update

As i have previously wrote a post on my first month on sertraline which was a disaster,i feel it is only right to do a quick follow up post as my dosage was increased from 50mg to 100mg after being on the 50mg for a month.

If you have previously read my original post,you will know that the first month was horrible in so many ways. I was tired,had no motivation at all,never slept well,felt down all the time and even had suicidal thoughts throughout the month (it actually says on the side affects that it can cause thoughts of suicide).

After the month,i went back to my GP and even though i told him that these meds are not working,he suggested that we up the dose as he believes that these are exactly what i need and he did not want to change me onto something else.

5 days into taking the 100mg,i have to say that i feel alot better. I feel less stressed and have a little more positivity about me and i can handle situations alot better at the moment. I still feel a little tired though but all in all,i am pretty happy so far.

So what i would like to say is that if you are prescribed sertraline,stick with it as it takes time. In saying this,i know that everything could change but for the moment,all seems to be going well,

thanks for reading,

Hollie x


  1. honey I'm so sorry, I hope you recover soon .... a big kiss!!!

    1. thank you so much,this means alot,i feel alot better these days so everything is going really well xx

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    1. ah thanks sweetie,you are the best ever x

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    1. thank you beautiful birthday girl xx

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    1. you always put a smile on my face lovely lady and for this,Thank You xx

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    1. do you know what sweetheart,you are the very best and such a lovely beautiful young lady,thank you so much xx

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    1. you are the best ever and i am so happy for you xxxxxx

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    1. thank you so much beautiful lady xxxx