Saturday, 6 September 2014

5 Items I Hope To Buy When Payday Comes

Now i really got excited when i logged into website and found that they have for sale clothing and shoes that are right up my street.

They are all Polka Dot which anybody that knows me knows just how much i adore anything polka dot. I am not 100% sure how my obsession with polka dot came about but it is possible that it may have started by me watching a video of Strawberry Switchblade singing a song called Since Yesterday when i was a little girl,who knows!

Anyway when payday comes around,i will most certainly hope to purchase the following as i have fallen in love with all of these!

1-Truth or Dare by Madonna polka dot Sandals which are reduced from  €140.00 to €42.00,what a bargain.

These high heeled sandals from Truth Or Dare by Madonna are made from white polka dot printed fabric with angular peep toes and buckled ankle straps with a 5" heel. These are just so gorgeous and i have fallen in love with them.

2-Yumi Polka Dot Sun Dress priced at €79.16,this dress has totally sucked me in and it is something i have to have.

This polka dot print sun dress features a pretty embroidered floral hemline and contrast belt to give a lovely shape at the waist. It is the perfect statement dress with a retro 1950s feel. Or maybe in this colour,

    3- Navy and White polka dot Prom Dress available at an incredible price of €39.00

Unfortunately the image is small but believe me this is just so stunning and a must have.

4- Black and Cream Polka Dot Playsuit reduced from €35.00 to 20.00,a great bargain and something that i would most certainly like to have.

5-Precis Petite  Polka Dot Top which is priced at €25.00 from €49.00 alovely saving of 48%.
In a soft jersey material, this top features an ivory on black spot print with a scoop neckline and short sleeves. 

So there you have it, 5 items that when payday arrives,i hope to be able to buy them all with abit of luck.I know i wont be able to buy them all but maybe with a little overtime in work,who knows.They are all available from Debenhams and just to say i dont work for Debenhams lol,i just have a love for all things Polka Dot.

Thank you so much for reading this post and please feel free to comment if you wish as i love reading comments,

lots of love,

Hollie Xx


  1. Nice wishlist, Hollie! Oh my gosh, if you get one thing.. make it be that gorgeous Yumi dress!! :)
    I'm new to Instagram!


  2. aw thanks so much for your comment Gabrielle,i love comments so much! I think the dress is my favourite alright so that will be my first choice but i love the shoes so much too and they are such a bargain! Cant wait till payday lol!Xx

  3. Love this post! My favorite is the polka dot playsuit and the red summer dress! :)

    Chowing Down by the Bay

  4. Thanks Lauren, the dress is my favourite alright,cant wait to buy it if they still have it that is lol! xx And thank you so much for commenting ,i really appreciate that! xx

  5. Ahh. Polka dots are so cutesy! (:


  6. Hi Sharena,aren't they just,i love anything polka dot! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog,i really appreciate it alot! xx

  7. Oh Wow Sharena, you have such a lovely blog which i am now following! xx