Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Battle Of The Sexes #fpl League Girls Team

So here we are on the fringe of the ultimate #fpl battle, a battle between Girls and Boys in a H2H league in which each week until the end of the season a girl will play against a boy with 3 points up for grabs for either #teamgirls or #teamboys.

So i thought i would give some details of the 18 Girls who will be representing #teamgirls in a league and competition that is usually dominated by boys, no pressure hey boys!

So in order of actually joining the league we have with location  based on global league entered #fpl not necessarily birth country,

Joanne Mayhew @plug_in_baby_x                             England,
Clodagh Mullarkey @clodaghkjm                               Ireland,
Gemma Harrison  @Gemmabaggies                            England
Catharine Andrews @KatFranc7                                United Arab Emirates
Cora Linnane  @coralinnane                                       Ireland
Laura Lawson @LauraLawson7                                 Scotland
Lucia Stiglich @lulubug_stig                                        USA
Clare Colgan @IamMissBear                                     England
Kate Henry  @katehenry36                                        England
Radhika Sachdev @Barca_Reds                                USA
Lauren Cochrane @LfcLrn                                         Northern Ireland
Zac Jeewa @jeewi                                                     South Africa
Abbigayle Van Der Westhuizen@Flametjie                  England
Simar Ghassane @SimarGB                                       United Arab Emirates
Linn Bjornbakk @Linn LFC                                       England
Leanne Wheeler @leelawheeler                                  England
Hollie Garner  @fplfashion                                          Ireland
Charlene Clyne @shaclyne91                                     Ireland                

 These are the links to Walt's rather brilliant summary of the game ahead.

So this is the girls team that will be representing all the wonderful girls that play #fpl. Hopefully this league will create alot of good natured banter and interest from the online fpl community and i have no doubt that in the coming seasons,it will grow conciderably.

All the twitter names are also listed so please feel free to follow these awesome girls in our quest for the ultimate prize on offer,bragging rights.

I remember a couple of years ago,there was an #fpl team called "You got beaten by a Girl" and i thought that was such an awesome name and i believe the pressure was immediately on whoever was playing her so i wonder if the boys will be able to take the pressure of playing a girl every week!!

The real interesting thing about this whole set up is that #teamgirls have absolutely nothing to lose,are not expected to win even though we have high expectations ourselves, and have no pressure at all on us so it's over to you boys,are you feeling the pressure?

lots of love,

Hollie xxx

ps--when i am writing this post,it is all neat and tidy but on the preview,some of the script is crooked,i dont know whats up with that!


  1. Although I'm totally out of the loop here, I love how passionate you are about this - it's nice to see! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog Hollie, it was most appreciated! :)
    - I'm new to Instagram! -


  2. Ah thanks so much Gabrielle,and you are very welcome by the way! I am quite passionate about this and just so proud of all the girls on the team,love them all! xxx