Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Victorious Secret v The Gentlemen H2H Scores GW4

So the much eagerly awaited H2H battle between the boys and girls kicked off on GW 4 of Premier Fantasy Football.  (All images courtesy of Walt).

With 3 points up for grabs for the winner of each match,it was indeed an opening gameweek that was full of excitement and really hard fought out games.

So here is the opening day fixtures  and results in what is possibly the best H2H #fpl league ever set up. And it is impossible to line these up properly,appologies.

 Victorious Secret                    The Gentlemen
fc bosstown                59-72                  the psycic
de jong un's                61-60                             flybuy
Reckless Hollie’s XI   71-73 ABCDE FC
You Me At Cesc FC  65-43 studs up tackle
Don’tCallMeSchurrle 69-64 Lads on Toure
Gemmabaggies          72-61 thebikeryogi
Cathy XI                   47-79 FPL Seb
Get out Micah!          62-26      Pathetico Morbid
Jamtarts                    73-65 Quick Pylon
 Cheeky  Chippers     75-62                             Dier Straits
City of Bear FC         20-66   FPL Walt FC
FC Bigtime                43-42 DudE’S GoA
LIFE’S A PITCH      51-72  Didley Squat
Saffa Reds         38-61         Red Dragons
Berber FC          65-54 Vnz Devils FC
Goldilocks FC  54-48           FPL Help
Skid Army        56-52 Besic Instinct
The Pensioners   64-38 Pottyness Puddings 

So after the first set of matches the girls have 36 points and the boys have 18 points.

This is a fantastic start for team "Victorious Secret" and i am so proud of each and every one of these lovely girls who play #fpl rather well!

Thank you for reading,

lots of love,

Hollie xxx

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