Monday, 8 September 2014

My Favourite 5 Blogs

First of all i would like to thank everyone out there that has a blog as i now realise myself the amount of time and effort that goes into it for hopefully the enjoyment of others and of course personal enjoyment too.You are all awesome and should be all so proud of yourselves.

Now since joining twitter late August,i have come accross many blogs that are so amazing and it inspired me to think of getting one myself,so i did last week. I have also lightly i must say interacted with the blog comunity who are all amazing at the likes of #fblchat and #lbloggers etc which i thoroughly enjoy.

So i thought,what are my favourites so here we are now. My personal top 5 are listed below with my reasons for my choice. It would be unfair to list them in order of my preference so i have just decided that all 5 are just so awesome and are all equally my favourites.They are listed  in no particular order of preference.They are all massive influences in their own way on me personally from a style point of view and also have the effect of really cheering me up when i need it and they certainly do that.I have so much respect and admiration for each and every one of the girls behind the blogs.Each and every one of you have such wonderful blogs which i love so much. So here goes and as i said in no particular order of preference,

1-Jacqueline Rose +FashionSnag

Now for me Jacqueline is the ultimate professional at what she does and i have used that term many times in my comments on her posts.Jacqueline shares her closet on the internet and i have just so much admiration for her. From the moment you hear "Hi guys it's Jacqueline from " you are totally sucked in from then till the end when she signs off with a lovely wave and genuine smile. Jacqueline delivers a flawless presentation and is always honest in her opinions for example if something is quite expensive,she will say so,also if it is not suited to a certain bodyshape,Jacqueline will also say it as it is and uses herself as an example if needed. Her honesty has to be admired so much.Her presentations and outfit descriptions are just so interesting and you just cant help but listen .She always has the most gorgeous outfits and for me is an abolute must follow on everything that she is connected to.Infact Jacqueline has already gained a massive following and i can fully understand why. I promise you will not be disappointed and will no doubt look forward to every post. For a young girl,she is just so amazing and so professional and i have just so much admiration and respect for her,at this stage i have to say "Jacqueline,Thank you so much".You are just so incredible.

 Style a summer beach look with a caftan dress from Antik Batik.  Accessorize with mesh chain sandals, a snake choker, and a woven leather clutch from Bottega Veneta.

1-Chelsea Marrs  @ChowDownUS     

Fashion & food blogger in Boston & SF and writes about her fashion and food adventures.She is a Boston newbie and SF native. Her posts are always the most interesting with top quality professional pictures of lovely locations,deliscious food and absolutely gorgeous outfits. Infact if you want to see the most gorgeous outfit ever that Chelsea wore to a wedding,check out her post titled "Alexa & Michael's Gorgeous Virginia Wedding". The outfit from head to toe that Chelsea wore that day shows off her superb fashion style which has certainly inspired me and givin me a few nice ideas . Chelsea's posts are the ultimate guide to fashion & restaurants from coast to coast.She always seems to find the most interesting places to visit and in reading Chelsea's posts,it has made me even more determined to visit my birthplace Boston even more now.Now, i work in the f+b industry myself but i have to say i have never seen anything like some of the food pics that Chelsea posts,they all look just so deliscious and mouthwatering.Her blog design is very well laid out and draws you in straight away with it being so colourful.It really is amazing.Chelsea is also one of the nicest people you could possibly meet and i cannot possibly have a higher recommendation to follow her on everything possible.I promise you will not regret it. Thank you Chelsea for all your fabulous posts,all your help and above all for just being you.You are just so amazing and such a lovely and inspirational person and i have so much admiration and respect for you and everything that you do.I eagerly look forward to every one of your posts.

                                                               Dress from Macys

1-Kailey Flyte  @mermaidensblog    ,

Now Kailey describes herself as an Ice cream enthusiast and a friendly neighbourhood cat stalker but Kailey's strength is being just who she is. She is the sweetest,cutist person i have ever come across on twitter and her fashion style reflects this in my opinion.Everything about Kailey is just so loveable. Since the first time i came across Kailey with a post titled "Cherry Bomb"which i urge anybody who has not seen it to please check it out, i have absolutely loved every post. They are all just so cute and brilliantly put together with superb photography and gorgeous outfits.If you want to see the most amazing hair on anybody,Kailey is your girl.Kailey shares her real passion for style,makeup,illustrations and cats amongst others and each and every post is just so brilliantly put together that every second reading it is just so enjoyable and inspirational. Last week,i got a notification from twitter saying that Kailey Flight was now following me.Talking about having my week being made is an understatement.I have no doubt that Kailey could and should be an international superstar someday and will deserve it,she is unique in my opinion and a certain must follow on everything possible.I promise you will not regret it as Kailey is somebody well worth following.Thank you Kailey for being one of the most amazing,cutist and inspirational  people i have met on twitter and anywhere else for that matter and as i am a little older than Kailey,i somehow in a way if you can actually understand this feel proud of her if you know what i mean.The admiration and respect that i have for Kailey is off the scale.I just cant wait for your next post.

 DRESS:Sourpuss Clothing NECKLACE:Sourpuss Clothing SHOES: Thrifted

1-Rowbow  @Rowbowk  

 'Row' as in your boat and 'Bow' for your hair! This has to tell you something about the always lovely Rowbow who is one of my favourite people to follow.Rowbow's blog contains photos and descriptions of outfits worn throughout the week.She is a budding fashion stylist who always likes to look pretty whether it's going out or going to work and Rowbow always manages to do just this.Rowbow's posts on her lovely blog always have a great story which contain a fun element as well as really gorgeous outfits.My personal favourite is a post titled "We Like To Par-Tay... in Polka which is a stunning post and i urge anyone who has not read it,please do,i am crazy about the outfit and it is styled so brilliantly .Mind you a latest post titled "Sunshine By The River" is really challenging to be my personal favourite from Rowbow,believe me you just have to see this post. Alot of the outfits contain a fantastic mix of colours that have givin me so many ideas.With posts ranging from 60's style to a more modern and colourful look,each post is just so amazing. For me,Rowbow is somebody who i believe will see her dreams come true and when they do,she will thoroughly deserve it.She is such a lovely,positive,happy and quirky person who is very much worth following,so please all follow Rowbow,you will not be disappointed,i promise.If you happened to be fortunate enough to be in the company of Rowbow,i would be certain that you would have a fun night.Thank you Rowbow for your lovely,cheerful posts with the most amazing outfits.Cant wait for the next one lovely.You are just so inspirational and i have so much admiration and respect for you and all that you do.Your dreams will come true,i just know it and when they do,it will be fully deserved!

                                                        Outfit from Kylie at M&Co

1-Glam and Glitter  @TamaraKalinic

Now Tamara describes herself as a life lover and a fashion blogger and loves animals too.She is originally from Serbia and moved to England in 2007 in order to chase her dreams leaving everything behind.Alot of Tamara's dreams have indeed come true with i believe still more to come and i am so delighted for her.I am actually finding it difficult to put into words some of my thoughts as i feel whatever i say will not do her justice. Every single post by Tamara is beautiful,gorgeous and every other superlative you can think of. Her styling is incredible,every outfit is just so amazing and she is such a lovely girl to go with it all. I got a reply recently and i was starstruck if you know what i mean. All us girls are never happy with either something or another but i will say that if i rubbed a magic lamp and the genie gave me one wish as to who i could look like with my wish,well let's just say Tamara Kalinic would be my answer. Totally flawless.I have three personal  favourite posts from the blog and i urge anyone who is reading this to please have a look.They are "Girly Lace Dress","Brighton in Sunset" where you will see the most amazing pleated skirt ever and  "Polka Dot Midi Skirt" . Tamara is just a must follow wherever you can follow her for the most incredible outfits and styles anywhere to be found online or anywhere else for that matter.Lets just say if you are not following Tamara,you are missing out on something special.And her youtube channel is just superb with some amazing videos that are so enjoyable. Tamara has already gained international recognition for what she does and deservedly so as i believe the world is her oyster as they say.Thank you Tamara for having such a wonderful blog and for being so inspirational.You have absolutely no idea how much i admire you and respect you.It is just so much off the scale.Now to go and find that magic lamp!

                                                        DRESS-PRINCIPESSA BY JP

If i was lucky enough to win the euromillions jackpot,i would open up a fashion/model agency and these 5 girls would be the first i would offer employment to.They are each uniquely brilliant at what they do and you have no idea how much i look forward to seeing a new post by all of them. I just love their blogs so much.

This is a post that i have really enjoyed putting together and i am now planning a post on another 5 of my favourite blogs. 

Also i would like to thank Jacqueline,Chelsea,Kailey,Rowbow and Tamara for allowing me to use images for this post.I hope all the links work as i am still new to this whole thing and still finding my feet around it.

So there you have it,my personal 5 favourites out there. As i said,i am only relatively new to twitter (since 31st July) and to bloglovin (since 29th August) but i am loving every minute of all this tweet and blogging stuff. Thank you to anybody that has read this post,i really appreciate it so much and please leave a comment if you like.I love to read comments.

Thanks again,

Lots of love,

Hollie Xx


  1. Thank you so much for including me! I am glad I can brighten your day =)

  2. Thank you Jacqueline for just being so awesome! Love each and every one of your posts! Xx

  3. Thanks for sharing these bloggers, Hollie! I'll check them all out right now! Hope your week is going well :)
    - I'm new to Instagram! -


  4. Thanks for sharing! I will have to check these out!

  5. you are very welcome,absolutely loved that polka dot dress Mel! xx Actually i love anything polka dot lol!xx

  6. Hollie, you are an absolute doll! Thank you so, so much for your kind words <3

  7. Aw Kailey,i am so happy that you like it and that you posted a comment,my day is totally made now,Thank you so much and as you know,i just love everything that you do,you have my total respect and admiration always! xxx

  8. I've never heard of any of these blogs so I guess I have a few more to check out! :P

    Best wishes, Danielle xo

  9. Aw Danielle,you will not be disappointed,these are my all time favourites and they are all lovely girls too! xx

  10. I love Chelsea and Kailey. I remember when Kailey followed me I screamed... lol I'm not even kidding, I LOVE her blog and she really is so cute and inspirational :)


    1. OMG Jessica,i felt the same and i could not thank her enough,she is unique,cute and inspirational! Love Chelsea too,she helped me set up the blog and is so lovely. Tamara's blog however is always the 1st i check every day,i am usually speechless where she is concerned! Thank you so much for commenting Jessica,i so appreciate it lovely! xxx

  11. Such a great post! Will have to check out these blogs! :)


  12. Thanks so much for commenting Ro,i am so glad you like it.Well your blog is absolutely amazing,i am so glad i came across it! xx