Monday, 1 September 2014

How I Met My Husband

I have decided to share this 2 part story with you all as to give a little insight into certain aspects of my life.And before i do,i have to say that i have the most wonderful and caring boyfriend ever who i love so very much and would never have met if circumstances had been different and life is so good now.I am sorry if it is a long story but i really cant cut it short,Sorry! And God only knows if anyone will actually read it but if you do,please leave a comment,that will be so much appreciated! Thank you!

I was in my late teens and working as a bar waitress in a nightclub at the time. It was a respectable venue with a nice clientelle and as nightclubs go,had very little trouble in it and was run very well.

Now one evening while on my shift,i was asked by this rather handsome well dressed guy if i could get a round of drinks for his table. Obviously i was quite happy to do this as a young girl does rely on tips to get by anyway so he looked like he could be a good tipper. I took the order and proceeded to the bar to get his drinks. I couldn't help notice that he did have a glance at me while i was walking away. Our work uniform to be honest was quite nice and was sytled on the old flapper 20's style of dress which all us girls actually liked as uniforms go. He was sitting amongst a group of people and as it turned out,it was a work outing!

I returned to his table with the round of drinks and he was ever so helpful in handing out the drinks with me. I gave him the receipt for payment and he immediately paid for his drinks. What i did notice and it was very obvious that when he was giving me a tip,which was a quite generous one and i was delighted with it,he placed it in my hand but also kept his hand on mine while looking into my eyes.Now a girl knows when someone is interested and he was definately interested. Also quite noticable was the expression on the face of this girl that was in his company.Now if looks could kill,i would not be here today lol.

So as the night progressed,i was told by one of the security staff that there was this guy asking about me and was interested to know what sort of shifts i do and if i live local.The security staff were always very protective of me and the information was not givin out.They did however ask me if i wanted him put out,bless them,but i said no as i was flattered by his now very obvious interest in me.

So the night progressed and the glances got ever more obvious but at the end of the night,he had left without anymore contact whatsoever.To say i was disappointed was an understatement.

I went home in the early hours still disappointed thinking was it my makeup,was it ok,did i look ok,was it my dress,i was thinking all sorts of thoughts.He was certainly playing on my mind. This had never happened to me before and i had never been so taken in by anyone before.

Now the next day i was on a shift which was not in the nightclub but was in the bar,again serving food and drink. I noticed in the corner of my eye this guy sitting on his own at the side of the bar dressed all casual. Omg i thought to myself,this is the same guy from the club last night. I got myself into a panic and immediately headed for the staff bathrooms to check makeup,lippy and everything else.I had a different staff uniform on as to the club's old style dress,it was a plain white blouse and a black skirt.Nothing fancy but it was nice. Hollie gather yourself together i thought to myself and head back out to the bar. My God i then thought,what if he is gone when i get back. He was still there,i felt so relieved. I continued working and eventually i found myself standing beside him as i was putting empty glasses on the bar counter.He said hi to me and told me that his name was John. I said my name was Hollie and after saying that i felt so foolish as i had a name badge on but i did feel very flustered in his presence as i really fancied him alot. I tried not to let him know that i remembered him from the club the previous night but he said to me that he remembered me from last night and the reason he was here was he was hoping to see me.He said he was not sure if i was working now but one of the girls had told him that i also work in the bar and not just the club. He said his plan was to come out every night until he eventually met me. I was totally flattered by now with his interest now confirmed and felt that butterflies feeling within.He said he had to go shortly and asked if he could have my number. I have never givin my number out before to anyone but it just felt right to do so.He also gave me his number but i was never going to ring him first.

The following day,i got a phone call from John asking me out. I said sure why not and we arranged for him to pick me up from my parents house.He arrived on time with the most beautiful bunch of flowers and this gorgeous little stuffed snow leopard,what a beautiful gift i thought and what a great first impression to make on my parents.They immediately liked him. We went out and had a lovely evening in a local hotel bar.

Our relationship progressed very well after that first date and we found ourselves engaged after about 6 or 7 months together and married a year later.I felt on top of the world at this stage in my life,married at 21 to a lovely guy whom i was sure was going to be my soulmate forever. Oh Hollie,you could not have been so wrong girl!

So that is how i met my husband. The next part of this story will be about our relationship,what developed within the relationship,who became a part of our relationship and how it all went so terribly wrong!

Part 2 will be published on friday 5th September


  1. Thank you so much for reading Angie and commenting on it,i really appreciate that you took the time to do that as i am only new to this whole thing and cannot actually imagine anyone reading it at all tbh!x

  2. I was so gripped reading this, I will definitely be reading the next!<3

    Style Sunrise☀


  3. Aw thank you so much Karen,i am so glad you enjoyed it,it really means so much to me that you commented and enjoyed it! I am only new to this but i am so enjoying this whole blog experience.I am looking forward to writing the next part and i hope you will enjoy it too! Xx

  4. Hollie your life is so interesting! Flowers & stuffed leopard on the first date is too cute. I'm SO glad you created a blog! Can't wait to read the next post, though I'm sad it sounds like it didn't work out!

    Chelsea | Chow Down by the Bay

  5. aw thank you so much Chelsea,your comment means so much to me.Oh i was totally taken in at that stage Chelsea,hope to have the next part up over the next couple of days! And i wouldn't have a blog if it wasn't for you,so a massive Thanks to you Chelsea! Xx

  6. I liked reading this, you should make stories.

  7. Thanks so much Leanne,that means alot! I have a few more that i am thinking of posting! xx