Friday, 25 September 2015

#FPL Unfair Awarding of Some Points

Just a quick post brought on by yet another awful decision by the powers that be #fpl where points scoring is concerned.

Last week,it was obvious to everyone apart from the guys that award points #fpl that Hazard's attempt on goal went in off Chambers for what was such an obvious "own goal".Yet the goal and points are awarded to Hazard which for all his owners,they are obviously delighted with the decision but these type of decisions make the overall points scores flawed in a way especially as the goal has since been awarded as an OG.

  Sep 24
GOAL ACCREDITATION PANEL Chelsea’s 2nd goal against Arsenal was in fact an own goal (Calum Chambers) & has not been credited to Eden Hazard

And a reminder: rulings by the Goal Accreditation Panel do not affect points already awarded in Fantasy Premier League

A very similar incident happened this season where a Sanchez attempt on goal hits a defender and goes in and it is givin as an own goal?So where is the consistancy in this people of fpl?

And the worst one of all was the Silva goal that was not and was awarded to Ya Ya,i mean everyone knew that it was his goal except the guys that awarded it to Ya Ya.Absolute joke this one.

And the last one of controversy is the assist awarded to Butland.When i heard this i actually thought someone was joking with me as it was clearly a back pass intersepted so how is it possible to award points to Butland? If that is the case,then surely if for example Neil Taylor plays a forward pass which is headed back by a defender to his goalkeeper and intersepted by Gomis who scores,then Taylor gets the assist.I have not seen this been givin before though!

All these decisions obviously have a ripple type effect as BP's are also awarded wrongly too.

These type of decisions take the fun and enjoyment out of playing this amazing game and have affected the overall standings of everyone who plays the game. What could happen is come the end of the game,the person who is sitting in 1st place might have had Ya Ya in his team in GW1 and the person who is in 2nd or 3rd place might have had Silva in their team and only trail the winner by a couple of points.In my view,they should be the rightful winner.

The obvious mistakes made by the people of fpl who decide the awarding of points just might come back to haunt them as when you have an overall table that does not reflect the actual and real points scored by it's players,it does leave an air of doubt and unfairness.

This is such a shame as it is the best game ever in my opinion but unless some rules are changed,it will lead to some players going elsewhere to enjoy their fix of fantasy football,

hope you enjoyed,


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