Saturday, 5 September 2015

Me and Twitter at the Moment

Just a quick post as it just occurred to me that sometimes i cant be me where twitter is concerned!! I have to hold back and restrain myself from certain tweets.To explain what i mean is on occasions such as now,i would love to tweet how i feel at the moment and also what i think about certain things but if i do,i have a worry that i may lose some followers.I really appreciate the follows that i have and you are all awesome.But there are certain followers who follow me and i would be afraid and so disappointed to lose these people so i have to be careful what i say sometimes!

Recently i tweeted this
"i always support people and sometimes i get support back but sometimes i wonder why i bother at all with some people "

At the time i really wanted to go more into this but i just couldn't do it,sometimes you think you have friends but then you realise that really they are not and some are just so self centred and full of their own self importance and i believe they think they are above and better than the rest of us,this just annoys me so much as well as alot of other things too i might add!

Also there are some people who say they support me but never ever bother to even read any of my posts and i know this for a fact so please dont be false,i dont know if i should of said that but sometimes even the slightest things just bug me!

So i am in a situation where i cant be myself who is a person who is sometimes completely nuts and generally unstable but where twitter is concerned,i just dont know what to do,even writing this has confused me. I really want to be myself but as i said earlier,i am nuts at times and can be a real nightmare,but not all the time,

a confused Hollie x


  1. I always rant on twitter because i know my family or friends cant read it and I dont mind speaking my mind either if someone else has miffed me off =]

    1. thanks Emyii, you are so right,i really should do this myself and have done so before but just recently,i have held back so much x

  2. unfortunately my dear hollie with social happening this ... are beautiful and useful, but unfortunately people will always have to criticize anything we say or do, so always be yourself !!!

  3. I think it's healthy to blow off some steam but I totally understand what you mean about not always being able to do it on social media. Sometimes people create a fuss out of the smallest of things you tweet and for no reason. Also, don't worry about 'being a nightmare' as we all are even at our best of times. If anything you can always vent here every once in a while as it's better out then in :) Xx


    1. thanks Sheren,i appreciate your advice xx

  4. Hello lovely, thank you for visiting my website at and a huge hug for taking time to write a comment! I adore reading them!

    Twitter is for me another way to connect with bloggers and people who view my blog and want a peak into my life. I don't remember if I ever had a chance to express any negative feelings there. I guess I just don't have anything that I am like "hey, let's share it on Twitter". I see that you might be upset but hey... At the end of the day you were born in Boston! That is at least one reason to be happy about! How about a blog post about things to be happy about? Maybe one for every year since you were born? I can write one too! :)

    I would love to connect with you on Bloglovin and Twitter here and here: & Have a lovely day, Iga xxx

  5. thanks so much Iga,i loved your post and thanks for your positive response and ideas x