Monday, 7 September 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged to do this post by the always lovely and supportive Flo of and it's a post about 50 things thst make me happy. Wow this is going to be difficult as i have not been feeling happy for quite some time but anyway,here goes,

1-Getting a new follower to my blog.
2-Making new friends on twitter.
3-Somebody actually taking the time to read and leave a comment on my blog.
5-Painting my nails red or pink.
6-Finding a new dress that i really like and that fits well.
7-Buying new shoes,especially high heels.
8-When anxiety doesn't get hold of me when i have to do something.
9-Getting a good weekly score #fpl.
10-Having a high overall position #fpl.
11-Having a drink at night while checking out some blogs.
12-Finding a fantastic new blog to follow.
13-Getting flowers from my BF (hope you are reading this) lol.
14-Having a great night out with my BF,just the 2 of us.
16-Finding something i love on sale online and having the money to buy it.
17-My dog.
18-Writing a new blog post.
19-When my make up is perfect.
20-Finding a great new TV show to watch.
21-When the postman arrives with my parcel.
22-People who are genuinly nice on twitter.
23-Going for a walk when the leaves are falling.
24-Having a nice sleepin in the morning.
25-Getting breakfast brought to me in bed.
26-When payday comes around.
27-When i can actually help somebody by what i might say or do.
28-A good hair day.
29-When i recieve a compliment from my BF.
30-When i make my BF happy.
31-Chatting fantasy football but not all the time tho.
32-When someone is there for me for support.
33-Having a nice cup of tea sometimes.
34-Being at the beach on a beautiful day and having ice cream.
35-Staying in and watching a good movie,snuggling on the couch with a glass of wine.
36-Kittens and puppies.
37-Going to the zoo.
38-Watching Xpose on TV3 and seeing my fav Irish model Sarah McGovern on it.
39-Fresh bedsheets.
40-Having some time to myself.
41-A good girlie night out.
42-Holding hands with my BF.
43-When the Swans win.
44-Listening to my fav band.
45-No bra day or taking it off after a long day.
46-When someone actually listens to what i am saying.
47-My fav perfume.
48-When my BF remembers some small detail that i might have mentioned to him.
49-Feeling safe when my BF is home from work.
50-Actually finishing this post lol.

So that's my 50 and i enjoyed writing this,thanks again Flo! I would like to tag the following lovely girls but also if anyone else fancies it,please do the tag post as it is alot of fun and has helped take my mind off other issues for a while!

Iga @igaberry1
Kayleigh @averyberrycosmo
Amy @AmyJWalters

ps-since doing this post,the lovely Iga has also done her top 50,you can find it here and also you can follow the lovely Iga too, -  Find me at: &

if anyone would like to leave a comment,please do so,i love reading comments,

lots of love

Hollie xxx


  1. Very nice things dear !! You are so lovely person <3

    Thank you so much for stoping at my blog, and nice comment :**
    have a wonderful week !!
    kisses from Poland dear

    1. it's a pleasure,you are so lovely,thank you so much xx

  2. Yes to so many of these!! New followers, fresh sheets and I love no bra day! Haha! Great post :) xx

  3. I found this tag really difficult! But you've inspired a couple of things - payday being one of them! :)

  4. Awe this is great and I think that it will be a great list to look back on when you are having a not so great day!

    1. oh yes,thanks so much lovely.glad you liked it xx

  5. Replies
    1. thanks so much lovely,getting a comment from yourself makes me more happy than alot of the above xx

  6. Thank you for giving me thumbs up! It was a pleasure to read your reasons to be happy! I took on the challenge and I would love, if you don't mind of course to link my name to the post! - yayayayyaa! Find me at: & Have a lovely day, Iga xxx

  7. Such a lovely post Hollie ♡ Even through tough times, you always try to stay positive. You are an amazing person and very enlightening. I'm glad you found so many reasons to be happy about. Anytime you feel down, just come back to this post and you'll find courage to keep going and live a HAPPY life!

    Much love ♡♡♡ Alina

    1. thank you so much Alina,you are such a lovely and supportive young lady xx

  8. Lovely post! It was nice to read about all the things that make you happy :) xxx

  9. I love receiving comments on my blog, too and getting new followers of course.. Also, I'm glad I have you to talk to :)


  10. Ooh I could so relate to this post - it's amazing when my makeup is on point as well! Just found your blog via Twitter, and I love it - let me know if you're ever looking for a blog designer cuz I'm your girl! ;)

    Emily // Lynde Avenue Designs

  11. I've written a post similar to this :) It should be going up soon! I loved your list - I can relate to a lot of the things on there!

    Jemma |

    1. ah thanks Jemma,i look forward to seeing yours hunni xx