Wednesday, 22 April 2015

We dont look like Dolls all the time #Makeup

This post is inspired by the fact that recently while out for a walk without makeup i must add,i met a regular customer from where i work and i have been told that he fancies me who said and i quote

" is that you Hollie, i hardly recognised you at all,wow you look so different"

Now i had only spoken to him in work the day before so for him to say this was quite strange i thought so i asked

 "what do you mean by that".

He looked kind of flustered and said like

"mmmm i ah mmmm ah it's just you look different"

Then i realised that this was the first time he had ever seen me without makeup on! I laughed to myself and knew that he was in a panic as he thought he had dug a big hole for himself and he really didn't know what else to say so i changed the subject to save his embarrasment so to speak!

Since i started my working life in a restaurant,bar,nightclub,i have always worn makeup to work as it was always the expected thing to do to try and look as glamorous as possible plus i always do it for myself to feel good about my overall appearance.

So the impression i actually got from meeting this guy without makeup is that does he actually think that us girls have flawless skin with no blemishes,are born with perfect eyebrows,permanent eyeshadow,silky shiny lips and long luscious lashes. I really believe some do or do they just expect us girls to look like dolls all the time! Maybe it is just him! And i have to say, i didn't look that bad lol!

What the right makeup can do for a woman is nothing short of incredible and i am sure we have all seen the pics of our fav celebrities without makeup and they look so different! And i have seen so many joke pics on twitter saying this is what i brought home last night and this is what i woke up to and the pics are obviously so different and in all honesty,i can see the funny side of some of them but it does bring me back to the fact that maybe some guys really believe we are all flawless in our facial appearance!

Makeup sometimes makes me feel sexy,confident and glamorous and i like wearing it but i like any other woman cant wear it 24/7 and without it yes i do have blemishes on my skin,the odd spot or 2 or more lol and other noticable features that are part of me but that's the fact of the matter and my lovely BF doesn't seem to mind at all!

Which brings me to a very good friend of mine who i have known for years and i have never ever seen her without makeup! I have said to her before that she should give her skin a break and she said "no way" i will never let anyone see me without makeup! Even to the extent that she told me that unbelievably her ex husband never seen her without makeup! Now this cant be good.

I read recently that going without makeup is a "man repeller", now really, is this the society that we live in that people can come out with this sort of rubbish! We are all not out to impress every man that is out there and should not feel that we have to wear it all the time! It is our choice and we do it for ourselves if it makes us feel good that is and also i do to cover up that annoying blemish on my face lol!

It's nice to have the option to be able to use corrective items which can hide your flaws but the perseption that all women are expected to wear it is wrong. I say this as i believe this guy expected me to be all dolled up! It's about what makes the individual feel happiest about how she looks! We can wear makeup when we want but without it,we are still the same person with the same personality! However i must say that sometimes when i wear that red lippy or have that lovely smokey eye,it can change how i feel!

Wearing makeup can change your whole attitude and make you feel so confident that you can achieve anything at all and can make you feel so much better about yourself but by not wearing it should not make you feel any less about yourself either! Most of us girls wear it, some of us dont and we all have our own individual reasons for doing so or not!

And as i said earlier, we cant look like dolls all the time guys and we were not born without imperfections and makeup in general is there to make us look good and sometimes feel better about ourselves if indeed we choose to wear it and if we dont wear it and you meet us in the park out for a walk without makeup,we are still the same person but just without the lippy,eyeliner etc! I am never ashamed of my no makeup face,

And to finish off, i dont think this guy fancies me anymore lol,

thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx


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    1. thank you so much lovely! Hope you are having a fab day x

  2. You forgot to leave your blog link on the comment you left for me. But luckily I found you on twitter! Love your post and you are funny! I didn't know how to take care of my skin or put makeups on when I met my husband. So he doesn't care if I have makeups on or not. I totally agree that use makeup or not, it is for us, not for the man.

    I post everyday! Please come back to read more! ;)


    1. thanks so much for your comment Grace! I will of course be back to your lovely blog x

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    1. Thanks so much lovely lady! You always cheer me up xx

  4. Some people do use a lot of make up and it looks as if they are hiding behind a thick foundation facade. I only use mascara, eyeliner and some creams or now and again powder and as you've said it makes me feel more attractive. It is something nice to wear and to highlight our best bits :)

    Caz | Style Lingua