Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Blogging Community! What is going on lately?

Since i joined the blogging community last August,it has been an absolute joy to be part of a supportive and loving community that everyone is just so nice and friendly!

But lately there seems to be nothing but drama practically every night! I have seen at least 3 full on arguements within the blogging community where so many people who were not even involved decided to get involved and stick their beaks in so to speak thus fuelling the fire!

Recently i was having a twitter chat with a friend of mine when all of a sudden, we were both thrown into the middle of a twitter row that was happening by someone who had absolutely nothing to do with the arguement at all and neither did we! We were talking about mascara or something for Gods sake at the time and the next minute we found ourselves being pulled into an ongoing twitter arguement! This person had no right to drag us into it as we had nothing to do with it at all!

Then there was another recent twitter explosion which i must stress i do not have the full facts but one girl was totally ganged up on by many and her name was dragged through the mud for all of twitter to see! Some of these who were fuelling the fire had nothing at all to do with the situation, maybe they were trying to help others but i wonder, are they 100% sure of the facts before they done a character assasination on a young girl! Is it right to gather a gang and perform the duties of a lynch mob online? The mob grows and gathers strength and the victim is usually left practically on their own to try and defend themselves against it as people do be afraid to voice their opinion against the mob as the blogging community is so small that so many people know eachother and dont want to speak out against a blogging buddy or twitter friend!

And tonight,there was yet another twitter row which follows on from the recent drama of late! A question was asked but what followed was out of order in my opinion! Some people gave their thoughts in a professional manner and questioned the question that was asked in regard to was it appropriate or not and expressed their opinion about it which is fine! All genuinely done and above board! But others bombarded the girl with aggressive tweets obviously looking for an arguement and again a mob was gathering! Now this girl held it together very well under enormous pressure and eventually told them all where to go and i would have done exactly the same myself! She was infact drivin to defend herself against so many people who joined forced to discredit this girl for asking a question! That is regardless of whether the question was appropriate or not! It all could have been handled so differently!

There was no need for it to have esculated to where it did! Some good friends of mine expressed their opinion which they are quite entitled to do so but they did so not looking to cause a twitter meltdown but others got involved to be controversial and obviously trying to impress others!

It seems to me that some people have got involved in these arguements to build up their own twitter and blog followers and if that's the type of person you are,then i have no interest in following you!

The recent events have shown just how small the blogging community is and how easy it can all come to blows! It is such a shame as in general,everyone is so supportive and lovely! I never for a second thought i would see such goings on!

I dont personally have the full facts about some of the recent twitter meltdowns but all i am saying is that it is happening way too much lately! Will i be next or will it be one of my pals? I am not a very confrontational girl but i like to think i am a very realistic person and i have my own views!

For me the blogging community is still the best community in the world but let's all try and stick together and be supportive of eachother! Obviously there will always be some sort of a problem but please remember that there is an Unfollow available!

Thanks for reading,

Hollie xxx


  1. There is always a few bad seeds out there. Unfortunately you ran into a few in a short period. It will happen. We both know that most of the community is awesome!

    1. Thanks for your comment Martin! It is an absolutely amazing community filled with lovely people!

  2. dear Hollie unfortunately in social networks lately there are more and more people who insult too heavily for no reason, born controversy where there should not be some .... total chaos in short


    1. Thanks for reading and for your comment Manuela! Social networks can be a cruel place at times xx

  3. I cannot believe someone who drag you into an argument as you are one of the nicest bloggers I've come across. Don't let it get to you hun as they're beneath you X


    1. ah thank you so much! That is a lovely thing to say honey! xx