Thursday, 28 May 2015

Important Update for former BOTS5 members #FPL

This is an important update for all who were in BOTS5 #fpl so please get back to myself or Walt ASAP if you are interested in joining our Official BOTS league's for next season!

What is happening is that next season will be an exciting one where Bots is concerned as we are planning 3 divisions with promotion/relegation throughout the season. In order to facilitate former interested BOTS5 members, we will need you to declare your interest ASAP so we can determine which division you will start in! The probability is that the majority of interested players will infact start in either division 2 or 3 but this still has to be decided! This will be exciting as you will have the aim to get promotion to the Premier league!

So please if you are interested and will be a committed player to your guys/girls team and hopefully participate in the banter on twitter that is so much fun,contact myself or Walt as soon as you can.

I tried to keep BOTS 5 alive as long as i could last season but in all honesty,there were so many players who lost interest so with this message we are reaching out to the players who were interested and offering the opportunity to officially join one of the best and most exciting FPL leagues out there,

thanks for reading,

Hollie and Walt

Contact us ASAP please!